Bridging the Gap

Bridging the Gap

Dixon Center for Military & Veterans Services posted our eighth episode of Service Before Self, a podcast that tackles the evolving needs of veterans and their families, based on the idea that veterans can succeed in the community where they live. The Service Before Self Podcast introduces you to people and the programs that are having an impact today; you will hear about their successes and lessons learned in creating effective programs in which veterans and their families reach their full potential.

Listen to Episode 008: How to Bridge the Gap Between Military Service and Civilian Employment with Fred Drummond, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Force Education and Training. Mr. Drummond was responsible for oversight of DoD programs focused on setting the conditions for a successful transition for military members as they left the service.

In this episode, your host, Retired Army Colonel Sam Whitehurst, Dixon Center Vice President of Programs & Services, discusses with Mr. Drummond, programs that give transitioning service members the tools to successfully transition into civilian careers. There are three federal agencies that all play an important role in preparing service members for employment after they leave the service—Department of Defense, Department of Labor, and Veterans Affairs. This episode focuses on the role that DoD plays as part of this triad, especially on one of the more successful transition programs, SkillBridge. This program leverages the reach of the federal government with the expertise of the private sector and labor in providing critical skills that lead to meaningful wages/salaries, affordable healthcare, and benefits to ensure veterans and families thrive.

This is the approach of Dixon Center for Military and Veterans Services’ Operation Workforce Development, a program where Dixon Center partners with organizations including federal agencies, trade unions, civic organizations, business and industry, service providers, and training institutions to reinforce existing training and career placement opportunities. Our goal is not to create new programs. Rather, the goal is to enable the integration of military and veteran services into existing programs to increase impact. If you are an organization or community that wants to connect with transitioning service members or veterans and are unsure how, listen to this episode to learn more about these successful programs.

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To learn more about Dixon Center’s efforts in assisting veterans bridge the gap between military service and civilian employment, see the Dixon Center Bugler: Workforce Development and contact Colonel (Ret.) Sam Whitehurst, VP of Programs & Services, at

The podcast’s name, Service Before Self, recognizes the commitment demonstrated by veterans and their families during their military service as well as their potential as they reintegrate back into their communities when military service ends.

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