A Veterans Day Message from Dixon Center for Military and Veterans Services

A Veterans Day Message from Dixon Center for Military and Veterans Services

“I would go to war with these guys!”

This weekend, I heard a well-known college football coach proclaim this as he discussed his team following their victory over one of their most competitive rivals. It’s easy to dismiss this as just part of the natural exuberance and hyperbole that many coaches engage in following a thrilling victory.

But for veterans, this is not exaggeration or an overstatement—it’s not hypothetical, but part of the reality of what it means to serve, an example of the commitment and trust that veterans have in each other, and the level of resolve that is inherent in our veterans.

This is who I think about on Veterans Day, the men and women that I have served with, men and women that I did go to war with; men and women from different parts of the country and different backgrounds, diverse experiences but who all share one thing—an unwavering commitment to person to their left and right, an uncompromising belief in the fidelity of brotherhood and sisterhood.

Veterans Day is a time to reflect and consider how all of us can contribute to that brotherhood and sisterhood, how we can best support veterans and their families. It’s more than just thanking them for their service but exploring how we can more effectively integrate veterans and their families into existing programs to address their evolving needs. Working together to ensure that veterans find Work with Purpose, Heal with Honor, and Live with Hope. The goal, quite simply, is to prevent the isolation and disconnection that burdens some of our veterans and leverage those qualities that we see in veterans from all generations—resiliency, duty, perseverance, and a strong sense of community.

Supporting veterans and their families starts with connecting with Dixon Center for Military and Veterans Services, a member of the Fedcap Group. Our noble purpose is to make the lives of veterans and their families better and ensure they reach their full potential. But a “one size fits all” approach doesn’t work—it takes a community of partners who share in that noble purpose.  Dixon Center is uniquely positioned to understand the challenges that veterans face in different communities and forge those partnerships.

As we reflect on the service of our veterans on this Veterans Day, join Dixon Center for Military and Veterans Services in developing solutions that enable veterans and their families to succeed where they live.