Veterans Forward-Communities Assisting Veterans, Maine Edition

Maine is a big state with a small population, but it is blessed with one of the highest per capita population of veterans of any state in the union. The rural nature of the state and distances required to travel create challenges when it comes to access to services and supports for veterans of the Pine Tree State. With the assistance of Dixon Center for Military and Veterans Services, Veterans Forward has been created by Fedcap Serving Maine. Veterans Forward provides veterans, service members, and their families critically needed support in emergency situations such as housing, substance use treatment, home heating assistance, food and clothing, and job training across the state of Maine.

Veterans Forward couldn’t have arrived at a more critical time.  The challenge of living on a fixed income forces many of our veterans to make hard choices between food, fuel, and medical care.

It is Summer now but with Winter always just around the corner in Maine, these choices can have real life and death considerations. Dixon Center for Military and Veterans Services stands at the ready to help organizations like Veterans Forward in Maine and those like it across the nation assist veterans and their families so they can thrive in their communities.

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